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Streetwear-elevated, introducing the Urban Pullover Hoodie. Pair with the Urban Joggers, for a fresh all day uniform. At 10 oz., this hoodie packs a punch, is generously sized, and tightly spun for added durability, wear after wear.

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The Meaning of KODA'FE

KODA'FE the word was originally created in 2009. It was later legalized and started its first fashion launch in 2016/2017. KODA'FE is an acronym for Keeping Our Dreams Alive For Eternity. KODA'FE is highly structuralized around high end/upscale street fashion. In the time being until the official launch of the Luxury Collection, The owner is dedicated more on showcasing the name, style, and quality of the brand. This gives the audience/clientele more sense of the direction KODA'FE is built towards. Even though KODA'FE is bigger than fashion, fashion is the owner's passion. Expect KODA'FE to be around for the next century!!!!